Cindy Durant, Image of the landscape surrounding Durant’s remote studio, Penong, SA, 2019.


Accredited Membership
$290 p/yr

Additional Premiums:

Kiln use (as an in-person activity) $84

Open flame use $106

As of May 2023, there are premiums for kiln and open flame use in addition to the Guildhouse Accredited Membership. Once you have completed the Accredited Membership process please return to the Membership page to make premium payments. 

All new or renewing Accredited Member working at heights between 5 -15 metres are required to notify Guildhouse before commencing work. Please email Guildhouse if you would like working at heights to be included in your policy. There is no premium fee for working between 5 - 15 metres. All members are able to work from the ground up to 5 metres without notifying us.

Please contact us if you have any questions at

( View the Accredited Factsheet)
    • It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete the application.
    • It is necessary to have the documents and images ready as listed under Application Documents.
    • Applications for Accredited membership are approved fortnightly (see deadlines)
    • Premiums can be paid on the Membership Home page
    • Once approved you will receive a welcome email from Guildhouse, this is seperate from the email you recieve on payment. 
    • Your information will be given to Local Community Insurance Services who will add you to Guildhouse’s Accredited Member insurance policy.

  • The following documents are required as part of your application:

    • 8 Images of your Work: These should be of a professional quality and should illustrate the breadth your selected practice. Images should only be a maximum 2MB in size.
    • A professional Artist Statement  (300 words) and Bio (300 Words):This statement should outline your influences, inspirations, material details and subject matter. Your statement should also summarise your formal qualifications, professional experience and/or significant career highlights.
    • A CV / Resume: Please upload a PDF of your CV / Resume pertaining to your practice.

  • Please be aware that we review applications for Accredited and Allied Memberships once every month. Applications must be received in full before the deadline date.

    Our 2023 Membership Deadlines are:
    Tuesday 15 and 29 August
    Tuesday 12 and 26 September
    Tuesday 17 and 31 October
    Tuesday 14 and 28 November

    December: There is no application round in December. Fast Track applications only.

    If you have any questions regarding the application process or about your application, please contact us.